Thursday 18th July 2024

Library & Information Technology

At Minimbah we believe in providing students with the life skills to prosper both now and in adult life. As technology is a major part of our society it is our responsibility to ensure students are safely exposed to and learn the skills to understand and use computers and the online world.

All classrooms have Interactive Smart TV’s which teachers use to engage and teach in all subjects. Students also have access to laptops and are explicitly taught word processing and typing and internet skills. All Primary students undertake Cybersafety and Cybersmart lessons throughout the year. During 2020 they used technology to continue their learning through online lessons, produce animations using simple coding and used search engines to complete a virtual tour of Australia.

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Minimbah Preschool & Primary School are working towards a new library. The library will become a focal area for encouraging a love of reading and life-long learning.