Wednesday 21st February 2024

About Us

Welcome to Minimbah Aboriginial Preschool & Primary School

Minimbah Preschool & Primary School is a friendly, caring Independent Aboriginal School that strives to provide a happy, safe and tolerant learning and social environment for all our students.

At Minimbah Preschool & Primary School we value a nurturing and respectful environment and encourage a team approach involving students, staff, parents and carers, Elders and community members. Our mission is to ensure that our students realise a strong sense of pride and appreciation of Aboriginal traditions and culture.

It is our hope that our school will encourage students to be proud of their Aboriginal culture and identity and develop the social and academic skills they require to succeed.

The success of Minimbah Preschool & Primary School is dependent on all the school’s stakeholders working toward the same goals and building a commitment and sense of belonging to our school.

The staff of Minimbah looks forward to your involvement in the life of our school and thank you for the opportunity to be a part of your child’s educational development.

Jenny Brown

Executive Principal